Help invent the future as a KCIC Volunteer!

Kelly Ann, inventor of the Baby Saver, with her father.


Whether you are interested in serving as a competition judge or can share your professional expertise as a mentor, there is a spot for you. Join today and become part of Kansas City’s invention community!

Time commitments and expectations for each KCIC volunteer opportunity vary. Please review the descriptions of each role below to determine which best suits your availability.

Support the next generation of inventors by volunteering with us at KCIC!

For questions about volunteering, please contact invent@lindahall.org.


Using a scoring rubric, judges will review student projects on their originality, effectiveness, practicality, and need. Judges will engage with the inventors directly by listening to their pitch, asking questions about their invention, and providing positive feedback.

Judges FAQ
Interested in signing up to be a judge at KCIC 2024? Contact contact invent@lindahall.org!

Group Floor Leaders

Volunteer group leaders will oversee judging circles for approximately 12 to 16 inventions with three main responsibilities:

  1. Assist Library staff with inventor setup. Students will have predesignated table assignments to display their trifold board, prototype, and logbook.
  2. Ensure that only students and judges are present in judging circles when the competition begins. There will be a designated area for teachers, family members, and other guests to sit while judging takes place.
  3. Assist judges with keeping students engaged during the judging process. Inventors will give their pitch to and answer questions from both judges and peers and we want all students to actively participate!
Group Leader FAQ
Interested in signing up to be a group floor leader at KCIC 2024? Contact contact invent@lindahall.org!


KCIC strives to inspire curiosity, confidence, and creative problem-solving skills in Kansas City youth. We also believe that the invention process should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Mentors will work with students on all facets of the invention process: refining an idea, building a prototype, and making a pitch. As a mentor, you will serve as a STEMIE role model to help foster an interest in sci-tech careers.

Mentors FAQ
Interested in signing up to be a mentor? Contact contact invent@lindahall.org!
Want to Learn More?

If you have additional questions about KCIC or participation, please visit our FAQ page or contact invent@lindahall.org.