Help your students invent the future

Help your students invent the future

As an educator, you are preparing your students for their futures as working adults in a variety of fields, as critical thinkers, and as innovators.

The Kansas City Invention Convention is aligned with national standards and designed to activate a FREE, project-based learning curriculum to assist you as a teacher both in the classroom and virtually. With your guidance and by tapping into their innate desires and abilities to identify problems and create meaningful solutions, student participants in grades 4-12 learn:

  • to think critically by identifying problems in their world.
  • the impact of inventions in their lives.
  • to apply STEM, invention and entrepreneurial skills building real-world solutions.

In addition to the life-changing experiences students will get through the Kansas City Invention Convention, participants become part of a global ecosystem that allows them the opportunity to gain new skills, friendships, recognition, and perspectives. Plus, they can win prizes and awards for their entries. A select few students will also have the opportunity to attend the National Invention Competition at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation! (The 2021 national competition will be virtual)

Invention Toolkit

Participating in the Invention Convention isn’t just about creating an invention. It’s about your students telling the story of their inventions—the story of bringing their ideas to life! Students can use the following items to assist them as they envision their projects and move through the stages of the invention process.

Invention Checklist

Logbook Information

Invention Logbook

Scoring Rubric

Ready to get started?

Bring the Kansas City Invention Convention into your classroom and activate students’ creative and critical-thinking abilities.

As an educator, you also have access to FREE invention curriculum. This flexible, project-based learning tool will enhance student understanding of invention and its context in the real world.

If you have questions about the KCIC or participation, please visit our FAQ page or contact