Anthony, inventor of the Pelokit, with his teacher Mr. Farmer

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KCIC is built upon STEMIE experiential learning that builds confidence, teaches public speaking, and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By following the 7-step invention process, our young inventors explore ideas based on their own life experiences and develop real inventions and innovations. Participating students become part of a global ecosystem that allows them the opportunity to gain new skills, friendships, and a new perspective about the world around them. Plus, they have the chance to win prizes, scholarships, and the opportunity to compete in the national and global competitions!

By becoming a KCIC educator, you gain access to a free, interdisciplinary curriculum aligned with national standards to activate invention education in your classroom or after-school program. This ready-to-use curriculum includes lesson plans and activities designed to foster your students’ innate desires to identify problems and create meaningful solutions.

Inventing KC 2022: Educators Info Session

Want to learn more about what it means to participate in KCIC as an educator and how to get your students involved? Watch this video to overview the program, the invention curriculum, what it means to participate as an educator, and how to get your students involved.

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