How will YOU invent the future?

How will YOU invent the future?

You have what it takes to become an inventor. All you need is an idea.

The Kansas City Invention Convention is designed to help you invent the future. Through tools and guidance from local inventors and people who work in a variety of fields, you will learn how to bring your ideas to life as real products and services that others can use.

You have the opportunity to showcase your work and win prizes, scholarships and a chance to take your invention to nationals!

Inventor Registration for the 2022 Kansas City Invention Convention will open on September 10, 2021.

Get Inspired

Do you feel like an inventor? Well, you should! You are on your way to bringing an awesome new idea to life and joining the ranks of famous inventors like George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, and Madame Curie.

Check this space regularly for ideas, tips, and inspiration!

YOU are our inspiration. Did you know the Linda Hall Library has a history of supporting student scientists? Learn more about the legacy of the Library’s first director, Joseph Shipman and the award named his honor given at the annual Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair.

Inventor Toolkit

Participating in the Invention Convention isn’t just about creating an invention. It’s about telling the story of your invention—the story of bringing your idea to life! Use the following items to assist you as you envision your project and move through the stages of the invention process.

Invention Checklist

Logbook Information

Invention Logbook

Scoring Rubric

Meet the 2021 Mentors

The KCIC mentorship program is coming back for the 2022 season with even more opportunities to connect with real-world inventors and entrepreneurs. Until then, take a look at the mentors who participated in KCIC 2021!

Need more information?

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